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Boost Healing
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by Jess M. on Boost Healing
Best I have felt in years

I am a 31 year old male who has worked in the Emergency Medical Service industry for the past 10 years. I have developed chronic shoulder and back pain from the constant bending and lifting of heavy patients and work cots. I received 2 treatments and BOOM! I feel great! I have been back to work and had absolutely no pain. This is the best I have felt in years, and I am a true believer!

by Amanda Compton on Boost Healing
Invested in alleviating my discomfort

It's unfortunately rare to find a provider who is genuinely concerned about your health. But during my sessions with Dr. Mulcahy it was clear she was personally invested in alleviating my discomfort. While my treatment primarily focused on injections around my knees, she spent time speaking with me about other factors that might be contributing to my pain. I also found it notably refreshing how ego-less Dr. Mulcahy is; she speaks to patients like she would to her friends while continuing a high level of professionalism.

by Annie Nelson on Boost Healing
I will definitely be back

4 orthopedic surgeries and other various injuries from playing too hard, have left my body achy and unable to perform in ways it used to. Allison did a great job explaining her different treatments, the science behind them, and she invested time into figuring out what would best fit my needs. I was skeptical at first, but I had immediate relief and a new sense of hope that I might be able to continue to play without pain one day. I will definitely be back.

by Kerry Downs on Boost Healing
Felt better, right away

My husband has dealt with knee pain for years. Over the past six months it became progressively worse. Even though he was initially skeptical, I talked him into going to see Dr. Mulcahy. He received the glucose shots in his knee, and it felt better, right away. Within three days, his knee was totally pain free. We've been telling everyone we know about Dr. Mulcahy and this great procedure. Thank you, Dr. Mulcahy! This has made such a difference for my husband.

by Liz Hardwick on Boost Healing
It’s incredible the difference I felt

I’ve had chronic bouts of back pain on and off for 20 years. In the middle of a long period of a lot of pain I had a treatment with Allison. I walked to my appointment carefully, feeling my back with every step. It’s incredible the difference I felt walking out after treatment. I literally felt pain free, and moved easily for the first time in months. Allison is so encouraging and positive, she offers me real faith that I can manage my back and live without pain. Thank you!

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