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The Boost Wellness section contains information on the following interrelated fields of medicine:

Integrative Medicine

Functional Medicine

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Integrative Medicine

Information and video content in this section sourced from integrativemedicine.arizona.edu

Integrative medicine encompasses all modalities of healing that have evidence. By using an integrative approach, we can help boost your wellness using a variety of modalities. Integrative medicine often uses conventional methods to provide a diagnosis. Treatments include complementary and alternative therapies that fall outside of the realm of conventional medicine.

Your treatment will be individually tailored after a thorough review of your medical history and will include lifestyle approaches, dietary supplements and botanicals, stress and mind-body techniques and possible referral to other complementary and whole systems based practitioners. This may include, but is not limited to, traditional chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine, energy healing, sound healing and manual therapy.

Dr. Mulcahy completed a 2-year fellowship in integrative medicine with Dr. Weill’s University of Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine and will help you review all aspects of your current health and lifestyle. Through your comprehensive evaluation, Dr. Mulcahy will work with you to formulate a protocol that helps get you back to doing what you love.

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Functional Medicine

Information in the section sourced from kresserinstitute.com

Functional medicine treats you, the patient, not the disease. Functional medicine falls under the umbrella of integrative medicine and looks to uncover the root cause of illness to help you thrive not just survive. 

Cars run on different fuels ranging from diesel to gasoline to electricity. If you try to put gasoline into an electric car, not only will the car not run, you’ll likely cause some significant damage. Humans also vary and have many different requirements to ensure proper function. We have adapted to survive in particular environments and when our environments change faster than we can adapt, mismatch occurs.

Our genetics are like the hand of cards we’re dealt when we are born and how we play those cards is our epigenetics. Stress, exercise, sleep and diet will all affect whether or not our genetic predisposition becomes a disease. The way we live today and many of the foods we eat today would be unrecognizable by our great grandparents and three generations is not enough time for our bodies to adapt. This is likely in large part why 50 million Americans have auto-immune diseases (more than heart disease and cancer combined). Once you have one auto-immune disease, you are three times more likely to develop another auto-immune disease. The good news is through functional and ancestral medicine, we have tools to help you prevent or reverse auto-immune diseases.

By looking at each patient individually rather than treating the symptoms of a disease, we will help optimize function and reverse disease processes rather than settle for normal. Functional medicine uses a holistic approach to determine the root cause(s) of a disease or disorder. 

All aspects of your medical history are thoroughly reviewed to formulate your individualized treatment plan. Environmental and genetic factors may also be reviewed to determine underlying causes of disease and to gain deeper insight into your state of health. Treatment plans will address stress, diet, exercise and sleep to help you reverse or prevent illness. We may also use neurofeedback to optimize your brain waves. Because functional medicine focuses greatly on the personalization of medicine, it is considered by many the future model of healthcare and used in conjunction with precision medicine which targets therapies based on molecular diagnostics.

Dr. Mulcahy completed a one year functional and ancestral medicine certification program with Chris Kresser’s ADAPT academy. 

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Dr. Mulcahy is not a primary care doctor and her consultation is meant to complement your primary care doctor.