Mike Meng, DC, RN, BSN, RMSK

Doctor of Chiropractic
Registered Nurse
Bachelor in Science in Nursing
Registered in Musculoskeletal Sonography

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About Mike Meng

Michael Meng D.C. RN. BSN. RMSK has taken an interesting path into health care. First as a Chiropractor Dr. Meng found himself engaged more in knowledge of anatomy and physiology trying to understand how the different musculoskeletal relationships affected one another. It didn’t take long until Michael found musculoskeletal ultrasound a useful tool to study these relationships. While working at the largest Rheumatology practice in Southern California Michael began to utilize the abilities of the ultrasound for clinical practice relationships. Studying both available imaging, patient interviews and established diagnosis, and these relationships to the dynamic capabilities of the ultrasound. Over the last 16 years Michael has expanded this knowledge to other avenues including orthopedics, sports medicine, interventional pain management, function medicine, and regenerative medicine. Dr. Meng has authored several papers involving musculoskeletal ultrasound and multiple text books used in medical schools and clinical practice. He believes that the treatment of pain involves a deeper look than just the pain itself; and for real improvement the entire system needs to be attended to.