Natali Zollinger

Health Coach and Marketing

Natali is a desert girl at heart. From her home base in Moab, Utah, she’s built the perfect surf-and-turf lifestyle. 

As an accomplished professional whitewater stand up paddle athlete for Badfish SUP, Natali spends her summers traveling the country training as an athlete, hosting SUP clinics with her business RVR2RVR, and competing in some of the top whitewater/flatwater races in the United States. Natali has made podium in almost every race she has competed in. Her competitive energy shines through in everything that she does both personally and professionally. Teaching and leading others’ toward health and wellness has always been her calling.

In addition to being an athlete, Natali is also a yoga/fitness/spin instructor, 15 year river guide, General Manager of a successful Restaurant in Moab called 98 Center and a “self proclaimed bio-hacker”.  All of these are her cornerstones for staying physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fit. 

Natali is excited to join TEAM BOOST. She is currently in the ADAPT HEALTH COACH PROGRAM with the Kresser Institute and will be working towards being one of our Health Coaches. She provides a lot of enthusiasm and energy to the development and marketing aspect of the Boost. Natali loves connecting people to any information or modality that can help them optimize their life towards a healthier and happier being.