PeeBee van den Toorn

Health Coach

Linnea (PeeBee) van den Toorn is a Functional Health Coach- trained through the ADAPT health coaching program from the accredited Kresser Institute.  She graduated from the University of California at Davis with a Bachelors of Art and received a Masters in International Policy Studies. As a Health coach, PeeBee brings the skill of coaching, the knowledge of functional and integrative medicine, her personal experience with a chronic illness, and a passion for change and connection to Boost patients and others on a journey to optimize their health.   PeeBee is also an Integral Coach, certified from Integral Coaching Canada.  PeeBee has built a career in supporting others in engaging in transformational growth experiences through her work with NOLS, Global Citizen Year, and other experiential learning organizations. PeeBee believes wholeheartedly in how health coaching can serve as a lever for positive, lasting change. In addition to coaching, PeeBee has a passion for travel and education.  As a Peace Corp Volunteer, as competitor in international ironmans and marathons, and as an avid adventure traveler, PeeBee enjoys life and experiences off the beaten path and seeks experiences with deep learning, growth, and wellness. She is based in the SF bay area and enjoys a good trail run with her dogs Flicka and Otto.