Genomics-based Precision Medicine

Genomics-based Precision Medicine services offered in Victor, ID

Are you curious about what you might be missing when putting the pieces of your health puzzle together? Do you strive to find a nutrition and movement plan that meets your specific needs? Do you struggle to manage a chronic disease imbalance or disease? Have you tried countless diets and exercise plans? Do you want more energy and can’t find a way to get it? Are you worried about your future self, as you consider your daily health concerns and want to prevent potential future disease? Do you feel like doctors just don’t understand you and your health completely, and you are not sure where to go next?

Genomics-based Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine and genomics might provide these answers.

Precision medicine is about you. It is not about the average, or “most people.” Most of the medical world follows what is referred to as “general guidelines” based on statistics to provide diagnoses and treatments that work for the majority of people. But those numbers don’t account for individual genetic variances. 

By pairing knowledge of conventional medicine with precision genomics and integrative medicine, we aim to get closer to treating and preventing your unique health symptoms and conditions.

Addressing cardiac, neurologic, performance, fatigue, or any other health issue requires focus first on the entire system, so we start with DNA. We sequence your DNA to analyze your genetic advantages, predispositions, and disadvantages. This makes up your human operating system and knowing this code is critical to optimizing your health.

Boost has partnered with Wild Health to provide patients with state-of-the-art genomics testing and analysis as a launch pad to improving health, performance and longevity.

We start with a patient’s DNA and a specific and extensive blood panel, and other lab tests (like microbiome), in order to get a holistic picture of the patient. 

Then, we look at lifestyle and epigenetics to get a current snapshot and sense of genetic potential.

Each patient will receive a personalized diet, supplement, exercise, sleep and lifestyle plan, as well as recommendations for adjunct therapies, like fasting. This report is fundamental to supporting a path to normalize biomarkers, stop–and in some cases reverse–disease. Whatever your health goals, we’ll help optimize for today and tomorrow.

We Are All Unique

Your genetics, epigenome, microbiome, and environment make you truly unique. We explore your particular risk factors and identify an optimal diet, exercise, and supplement strategy to help you live your best possible life. We take a deep dive into your genetics, as well as extensive biomarker testing which may include serum, urine, saliva, and microbiome. This information along with an in-depth conversation, gives us a deep understanding of your potential and actual risk for disease and degeneration. We then tailor a personalized health optimization plan for you.

And when we look at your lab work and your genetics, we also look at prevention. Let’s understand your risks through complex genetics and biomarker testing. Then, let’s look at a holistic approach to prevention and treatment. While medications are sometimes necessary, they can be the exception. Often a personalized diet, supplement, exercise,sleep, and lifestyle plan is enough to normalize biomarkers and stop disease, prevent it, or even plan is enough to normalize biomarkers and stop disease or even reverse it.


We are closer than ever to identifying the causes of aging and taking steps to prevent it. Early research has even reversed aging in a small group of individuals. The science is moving fast though, and you need a qualified team focused on the research and data to help decide which longevity protocol or intervention is best for your genetics and lifestyle. 

Our protocols evolve based on our patients’ chronological age, epigenetic age, lifestyle, and current health status. These personalized plans include pharmaceuticals, peptides, IV therapy, bioidentical hormone therapy, stem cells, fasting, and more. 

Each longevity protocol is tailored for you and your goals and monitored with yearly epigenetic clock testing. As with the rest of our practice, we encourage tracking objective data to assess the effectiveness of our interventions, whether through regular lab work, repeat imaging, or retesting of your epigenetic clock. We want to know and you deserve to know if your hard work is paying off.


Athletic performance optimization. Everyone responds differently to foods, movements, and supplements. A one-size-fits-all approach to training and nutrition can only take us so far. If you’re looking to achieve the next level of performance, we can help. Get a boost with targeted exercise programs and nutritional recommendations based on your unique genetic and nutrition profiles.


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