Hydrodissection services offered in Victor, ID

Hydrodissection Q&A

What is Hydrodissection?

Hyrodissection is essentially the release of a trapped nerve using fluid. Broken down, “hydro” means water, and “dissect” means to separate. Often, nerves become trapped as a result of tight muscles or connective tissue. When this occurs, circulation to the entrapped nerve decreases significantly, resulting in neuropathic symptoms such as numbness and tingling, radiating pain, “pins and needles,” weakness, and pain in the area around the nerve compression. 


Ultrasound provides a visual representation of the area of impingement, allowing for precise delivery of fluid around the nerve entrapment. During the procedure, a syringe is inserted adjacent to the impingement. Fluid is then injected around the impingement to separate the nerve from the surrounding tissues. By releasing pressure on the nerve, circulation is quickly restored, leading to near-immediate pain relief in the affected area.

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