Shiftwave Chair

Shiftwave Chair services offered in Victor, ID

Scientifically optimize your mental, and physical state.

Shiftwave is a breakthrough wellness system that uses intelligent patterns of pulsed-pressure wave variation to fully reset the nervous system and create a profound psychophysiological experience in as little as 10 minutes at the push of a button. By getting key systems of the body pumping and working in unison, the benefits extend from the cellular level all the way through a full mindset shift.

Shiftwave works by increasing and synchronizing the flow of blood, lymphatic fluid, cerebral spinal fluid, and other key aspects of the body. The result is an overall feeling of wellness and clarity with benefits that build over time. After just one session, people regularly report reduced pain and inflammation and compare the experience to a unique combination of massage, meditation, and breathwork all at once.

Shiftwave Chair