Stellate Ganglion Blocks

Stellate Ganglion Blocks services offered in Victor, ID

Stellate ganglion blocks are a nervous system reset that can give you a fresh start by improving your cognition, immune function, and increasing your performance.

Once your system is balanced, you may see improvement with concerns such as chronic pain, poor sleep, brain fog, anxiety, and irritability. 


Stellate Ganglion Blocks

What are stellate ganglion blocks?

Stellate ganglion blocks are injections of an anesthetic within the stellate ganglion, part of your sympathetic nervous system. This type of injection numbs a particular major nerve chain that lies within the front right or left side of your neck. 

A stellate ganglion block prevents you from being locked into fight-or-flight freeze states too much, which improves your relaxation and general wellness.

When might I need a stellate ganglion block?

There are a few reasons to get a stellate ganglion block. It can help with chronic pain syndromes, but it’s particularly promising as a nervous system reset. Just like you need to reboot your computer sometimes, a brain reboot is helpful for your body. It can relieve post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms almost instantly, with a remarkable 90% effectiveness rate.

But you don’t need to have PTSD to benefit from a stellate ganglion block. If you’re having issues like poor-quality sleep, difficulty concentrating, memory lapses, frequent agitation, poor libido, or other issues related to excessive sympathetic nervous system activity, a stellate ganglion block can relieve your symptoms for improved general wellness. 

Depending upon your specific health concerns or issues, you may find a combination approach of a stellate ganglion block and ketamine infusion therapy to be helpful. People with chronic pain or treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, or PTSD may benefit from this approach. 

How does the stellate ganglion block process work?

Dr. Mulcahy examines your neck anatomy closely using ultrasound, which helps her determine the ideal place for your injection. You lie on one side for the injection. You may need sedation for the injection, but it’s usually a well-tolerated procedure. 

You stay in the office after the injection so Dr. Mulcahy can make sure you’re not having any anesthesia-related problems.

Some people experience temporary Horner’s syndrome, a condition that causes issues like pupil shrinkage, red eye, eyelid drooping, and one stuffy nostril. This wears off within 2-8 hours. 

As a stellate ganglion block and ketamine specialist with additional expertise in ultrasound-guided injections, Dr. Mulcahy has the unique skill set needed to deliver these treatments with the utmost efficiency and maximum results.