To restore balance and health through courage, connection, empowerment and innovation.


Integrative and
Functional Medicine

Integrative medicine encompasses all modalities of healing that have evidence. Using an integrative approach, we can help boost your wellness. We combine this with functional medicine that treats you, the patient, not the disease.


Regenerative and
Nerve Treatments

Regenerative medicine is an innovative medical field that combines the latest scientific research and medical technology, with a focus on non-surgical treatment of damaged tissues to help boost your body to heal faster than it can on its own.



Hair restoration, regenerative facials, vaginal rejuvenation, and men’s sexual health are among the areas where regenerative treatments and cell-based injections are not only safe and natural, but can also boost your confidence.


IV Treatments

Sometimes taking your daily vitamins isn’t enough. To give your health and vitality a noticeable boost, IV therapy is one option designed to keep you feeling your best. 



Restoring your health through a balanced, personally tailored approach, that combines modern, innovative techniques while instilling courage and empowerment.


Each appointment begins with a consultation where we listen to your concerns and discuss the best treatment options. The most effective approach is always a combination of treatment in tandem with lifestyle changes that are specific to where you are in life and where you hope to be.

We offer Credit Care financing to help make these treatments more accessible.
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Allison Mulcahy, MD

Allison Mulcahy, MD is a Board Certified Emergency Physician and currently practices in Alaska, Wyoming and Utah. She has held academic positions with University of New Mexico and University of Utah and is currently an Adjunct Professor of Emergency Medicine with University of Utah and University of Washington.