Activated Oxygen Therapy

Activated Oxygen Therapy services offered in Victor, ID

The key to treatment and prevention of disease is oxygen utilization. Our bodies use oxygen for metabolism to create energy, repair the body, and eliminate waste. When too many stressors come into our body, it gets overwhelmed, leading to disease.

About Activated Oxygen Therapy

When our oxygen utilization is decreased, we can develop many signs and symptoms such as shortness of breath with exertion, exercise intolerance, sensitivity to cold, fatigue, weakness, generalized pain, and chronic disease. It can also slow down cellular reactions by reducing our NAD/NADH ratio. One great treatment to increase this ratio and improve oxygen utilization is ozone therapy.

Ozone (molecular O3) is formed when oxygen atoms in oxygen (molecular O2) are split and then recombine into a triplet molecule. With ozone therapy, electricity hitting oxygen makes it into O3.

Similar to exercise, ozone therapy helps to eliminate oxidative stress by causing mild oxidative stress. When ozone hits a troubled spot, it will super oxygenate it and help it heal. This is why Dr. Mulcahy combines it with other therapies aimed at eliminating the causes of decreased oxygen utilization. It can also be utilized alone as Prolozone.

With improved oxygenation, the body can not only heal tissues, but can now use this valuable resource to generally balance and heal the whole body.